CyberGym Arena

CYBERGYM™’S Training Arena

CYBERGYM™’S Training Arena

CyberGym® has developed a unique training arena for financial organizations, critical infrastructure and manufacturing companies that prepares client's employees for responding and fending off real-time cyber-attacks on complex, wide-spread systems.  THE ARENA CyberGym®'s Training Arena exercises three teams simultaneously: an attacking team (Red), a defending team (Blue) and a management and debriefing team (White). During the war-game the red team attacks the blue teams via multiple vectors, using both technological and non-technological means. During the game all data is collected and processed and at the end of the game, as part of the debriefing, all this information is reviewed. From the method your team used to deal with the situation,…


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CyberGym® offers several types of training programs, targeting the needs of your organization. All programs are dynamically developed and are tailored to your individual requirements and environment.
CyberGym®‘s professional trainings are set to fit various business and industry sectors:

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