Who We Are

CyberGym® is the global leader in cyber defense solutions for financial organizations, critical and sensitive governmental, infrastructure and production companies. The company provides comprehensive IT security services and was established by top level cyber security experts who had graduated from Israel’s military cyber security corps. Our team has “battle proven” experience in combating advanced cyber threats, relying on years of guarding against Israel’s unique security threats.

CyberGym® is a joint venture of Israel Electric Corporation (www.iec.co.il), a 7.7 billion USD company, which faces countless cyber-attacks on a daily basis, and CyberControl, Israel’s leading cyber security consultancy established by ex NISA operatives and security experts.

CyberGym® offers its customers the unique, combined experience Israel’s leading cyber defense experts (ex NISA and Special Forces) and Israeli Electric Corporation (IEC).

CyberGym®’s approach is unique in putting emphasis on the human factor’s importance in protecting against cyber threats, seeing it as the “weakest link” in your cyber armor. CyberGym’s solutions help to enhance  and to strengthen your employees’ knowhow and their reactions when faced with genuine threats.

CyberGym®’s world class Cyber-War-Game Arena provides a unique training environment, where trainees can experience real cyber-attacks against their facility, learning to recognize them and to handle them. This experience teaches your team to prepare for any event and to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED